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Chocolate Salami
Written By: Ben Visser

Taste Decadence TODAY

Treat yourself…Choc-Salami is made from the finest quality Belgian chocolate (56% cocoa), almonds and home-baked ginger biscuits, amongst other naturally fresh ingredients.

Choc-Salami is becoming increasingly popular as the desert of choice when you are looking for something unique and out of the ordinary.

Chocolate Salami with a twist

We added naturally dried olives to our Chocolate Salami for a truly different taste that tantalize your taste buds.

Impress your guests with a sweet treat from out of this world!

• Product must be kept in a fridge, before use. Even a open fridge is ok.

• Product can keep up to 6 months if it’s kept cool

Treat yourself Today…

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Meet with Ben Visser a leader in the South African Olive Oil Industry. Ben has helped numerous people grow their olive-based businesses into prosperous ventures with his tried on proven methods.  

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