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Our Coffee is a blend of carefully selected beans that come from all over the world, grown in the tropical regions on all the continents.

The finest Coffee is only truly fresh for a maximum of 14 days, therefore all our roasting is done to order. Out of respect for coffee’s limited shelf life, we order our Gourmet Coffees at a regular basis – so drink up, because good things don’t wait around forever.

 R18.00 – with froth or cream
 Mocha Choca
 R18.00 – with froth or cream
Filter Coffee
Hot Chocolate 
 R18,00 – with froth or cream
 R18.00 with froth or cream

Dilmah Speciality Tea’s – for the connoisseur

Dilmah Exceptional teas and infusions offer handpicked Ceylon black and green teas as well as herbal infusions which are selected for their quality, fragrance and character. All are exceptional, forming together a contemporary and indulgent selection that fuse the 5,000 year history of tea and herbs with 21st century taste and style.

The finest Coffee is only truly fresh for a maximum of 14 days, therefore all our roasting is done to order. Out of respect for coffee’s limited shelf life, we order our Gourmet Coffees at a regular basis – so drink up, because good things don’t wait around forever.

Ceylon Earl Grey (unblended)
Green Tea
5 Rose/Joko

Milkshakes & Juices

Refresh body and sould with your favourite cold beverage made with the utmost care for your delight. All the milk and juices that we serve are sourced from our Valley. Available juices vary according to season.

Passion Fruit


Soft Drinks
Coke, Tab, Fanta  R15.00
Sprite, Sprite Zero
Cream Soda
Mineral Water R12.00


Our range of mouth-watering cakes is all handcrafted. They are made using the finest ingredients available without the use of preservatives and pre-mixes. With traditional recipes, we leave you, our guests with a lingering decadent taste of true homemade cakes.

New York Cheese Cake
Chocolate Volcano
Chocolate Fudge Brownie

Muffins & Scones

Delectable, freshly baked Muffins and Scones are one of our specialties. As your health is close to our hearts, our muffins are made with a natural raising agent and do not contain any baking powder or yeast.

Bran Muffin
Blueberry Muffin


Extra light pastry baked to perfection with the finest butter. It is served with smoked chicken or salmon as a healthy alternative. This is a definitive must-try.

Smoked Chicken R50.00
Smoked Salmon R50.00
Served with your choice of Mayonnaise, Sweet Chili or 1000 Island sauce.


Mouthwatering sandwiches. Choose from our Club sandwich or just a ham and cheese or tomato sandwich. Our sandwiches change regularly – please ask the waiter for available configurations.

Club Sandwich
Ham, Cheese and Tomato, also available in Chicken Mayo


Tramazini & Quesadillas

The Tramezini is the elegant Italian version of the club sandwich. The thin crustless sandwiches filled with our colouful creamy fillings of the day are made on a dense soft white bread.

Tramezini R60.00

The Mexican version of a grilled cheese sandwich., Our quesadilla’s is made up of a tortilla, cheese, and our filling of the day. The tortilla is folded over and then browned or grilled on both sides before cutting into wedges and serving.

Quesadillas R60.00

Wraps with Carpaccio

A succulent meat filling of your choice neatly wrapped with a selection of fresh crispy greens, seasonal vegetables and cheese to tantalize your taste buds.
A tangy sauce rounds it all of perfectly.

Smoked Chicken
Smoked Salmon

Salads (with Carpaccio)

Take a walk on the wild side!

Springbok is a favourite food in South Africa Gourmet. It is indeed the queen of venison. It has a fine grain and textures a beautiful colour and a subtle wild flavour. Served with fresh crispy greens and seasonal fruits, topped with balsamic vinegar. For the not so daring, our smoked chicken salad is an all time favourite.

All meats are low in fat.

Greek Salad
Smoked Chicken
Smoked Salmon Salad


Alcoholic Beverages

Availability of our South African wines change regularly to give you a broad spectrum from various cellars and vintages.
Asked to fin out what is available:

per glass
Dry Red R25.00
Rose R25.00
Dry White R25.00
Semi Sweet R25.00
Spin R25.00
Beer R20.00
Savanna R20.00

Frog Legs with Olives (In season only)

This rare to find delicate meat is tender and lightly sweet and can be most closely compared to the white meat of a very young chicken. Because their flavor is so subtle, our frog’s legs are cooked simply and briefly. A quick dusting of seasoned flour before sautéing in olive oil gild the lily perfectly. Rounded off with our Jumbo Green Olives & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Platters & Functions

Special events or functions?
Contact us to make your event an unforgettable occasion. With a selection of scrumptious, bite size, sweets, light meals or savouries.

Please feel free to contact us for weddings, birthdays, corporate functions or just a get-together in a different setting.

For businesses we offer PowerPoint facilities, internet, music & microphones. We are fully licensed. Seating up to 30 people at tables or up to 100 people without tables.

Spoil yourself and the special people in your life with delicious coffee, decadent cakes and tasteful light meals.



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