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Campagnola wishes to introduce its new system for electro-mechanical olive harvesting. Being modular, it is based on the total interchange ability of the components:

Harvesting heads

Alice is more suitable for very thick, scarcely or not at all pruned trees. Its excellent performance comes from its peculiar, double (waving and clapping) movement, which creates a wider harvesting radius.

Elektra is more adequate for pruned trees. Its rakes “comb” the branches with an alternate motion and can be fitted with up to 22 interchangeable teeth, made of thermoplastic resins. These are a guarantee for strength and flexibility and make the movements among the branches easier

Power unit

Power 12 can be operated both by a 12 V car battery or by a special, rechargeable, lithium-polymer one, supplied by Campagnola in a comfortable backpack


Aluminium extension poles, 2 fixed and 2 telescopic, all extremely light as well as strong.

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