A fresh blend of Essential Oils which revives the senses with a crisp, clean citrus aroma.

A sensual, floral blend of Essential Oils, all known aphrodisiacs, to put you in just the right mood for that memorable occasion.

A warm blend of Essential Oils, creating a perfect balance between strong, woody male scents and light floral notes

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Devotion – Handmade Olive Oil Soap

A drop of natural beauty in the Palm of your hand…

Devotion is a unique product that originates amidst the tranquility of an ancient glacier and the peace bestowed upon the humble Olive Tree.

This is a unique, gentle, nourishing natural product, forged from the earth. All the elements of time and nature blended together create a lather that is milder, more moist and creamier without any chemically added ingredients. It is specially nourishing for sensitive, dry skins and skin conditions such as eczema.

These handcrafted Olive Oil Moisturizing Bars are prepared according to the ancient “Cold Process” method ensuring a high quality natural product, gentle and nourishing to the face and body. The natural glycerine that attracts moisture in the skin is retained, producing a product gentle to the touch.

The soap then needs to cure slowly for more than two months, to ensure a natural hard bar that would outlast a normal commercial bar of soap. This ensures a gentle, nourishing natural product which creates a soothing and soft sensation on the skin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil contains a variety of valuable properties, such as antioxidants and vitamins A, B, E and K. The Vitamin E in Olive Oil is a powerful antioxidant that eradicates free radicals and helps to decelerate the signs of ageing. It is believed that Olive Oil is possibly the only organic source of Squalene and Squalane, both highly valued for their ability to rejuvenate dry skin and are common in anti-aging wrinkle creams. Olive Oil is rich in vitamins, minerals and proteins and gives a rich, creamy soap, which softens the skin.


One primary difference between commercially prepared soap and handcrafted soap is the glycerine content. Glycerine is an expensive and useful product. Commercial soap manufacturers remove the glycerine through a process called “salting out”. They then sell the glycerine to lotion manufacturers.

The lack of glycerine in most commercial soap bars often cause dry skin, making the use of body lotions necessary. Consumers are prepared to pay more for a body lotion than a normal bar of soap. Glycerine is also highly “hydroscopic” which means that it absorbs water from the air. For example, if you left a bottle of pure glycerine exposed to air in your kitchen, it would take moisture from the air and eventually, it would become 80% glycerine and 20% water.

We create handcrafted bars of soap that are chock full (up to 15%) of natural glycerine. We do not remove any of the glycerine. Glycerine is a humectant that attracts and holds moisture in the skin. After using our handcrafted soap for a while, most people find that lotions are no longer needed.
So although our handcrafted soaps are a bit more expensive than commercially-bought soaps, the cost tends to be the same when you add other body moisturizers.

We add specially selected Pure Essential Oils to bring you six delicate fragrances

To complement these unique fragrances, the soaps are colour coded, using colour therapy as guidance, to match the specific “mood” of each fragrance:

Yellow is sunny and vibrant, to match the fresh citrus aroma

Red, the colour of love

Terracotta, a strong, earthy, masculine colour

The final touch, to an already wonderful product, is just a tad of dried olive leaves for an interesting texture. We pride ourselves in producing a simple product to enrich your life. Dedicated craftsmen, in the pursuit of perfection, handcrafted each bar to create an extraordinary product, of brilliant quality, known for its wonderful moisturizing properties… just for you.

Our Moisturizing Bars is also 100% biodegradable and environmentally friendly.
Individual bars may vary slightly as each bar is made, cut and packaged by hand.

Devotion Olive Oil Soap contains:

  • NO Artificial dyes or Synthetic Fragrances.
  • NO Artificial Colourings
  • NO Animal or nut products
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Nut products
  • 100% biodegradable

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