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Natural Black Olives



Handpicked Pleasures

All olives are handpicked at exactly the optimal stage of ripeness. We use an age old, traditional long, slow, natural fermentation process to preserve all the goodness and rich olive taste. The olives are fermented in brine for 9-12 months, before it is ready for packing. Only sea salt and water are used to bottle the fruit, no preservatives or colouring agents are added.

Our range of table olive products consists of, Jumbo green, Manzanilla Green and Natural Black – all in elegant glass jars of various sizes.

The unique taste and aroma of our Olive Oil and Table Olives are due to the rich glacier soils, limiting the use of fertilizers. This summer rainfall area (±400mm per annum), are known for its very hot, long summers and mild winters. The desert climate further contributes to the unique taste of our olives. Traditionally olives were only cultivated in winter rainfall areas of the world.

Additional benefits are the fact that our olive trees are protected from pest and diseases by natural enemies and isolation of the area- limiting the use of pesticides and a natural high water table, making irrigation optional.


Available packaging options: 314g Glass Catering Jar,  1kg Glass Catering Jar and 3kg Glass Catering Jar.


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314g, 1kg, 3kg

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