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The best kept secret of the Northern Cape!

In the centre of South Africa, lies the fertile and beautiful Vaalharts Valley formed millions of years ago by a giant glacier. Here, in the midst of the semi-dessert of the Northern Cape Province, lay the Vaalharts Irrigation project, which comprises 43,000 hectares, cradled between the Harts- and the Vaalrivers. Hartswater, the main centre of the Irrigation project, is home to O.S.A.

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Our on-site Coffee Shop

Tucked away in an Olive orchard in a picturesque old glacier valley, with the majestic Ghaap Plato as a backdrop, lies the exclusive O.S.A (Olives South Africa’s) Coffee Shop. Exquisite furnishings and decor, waterfalls & spacious lounges add to the tranquillity and comfort of this one of a kind experience. 

For Business executives we offer PowerPoint presentations, music, three microphones as well as a wireless internet connection. We are fully licensed and serve ice cold beer, a special selection of wine, cold beverages as well as in season speciality hot and cold thirst-quenchers.

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