Business plans for financing an olive orchard

The purpose of the business plan is to support your application for financing to a financial institution with accurate facts presented in a professionally accepted format. A comprehensive and professionally compiled Business plan like this would increase your chances of success tremendously and could mean the difference between it being accepted or rejected by financial institutions

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The business plan will address the following:

  • Who will apply for financing?
    The financial institutions evaluate their applications against information presented to them. An existing company or closed corporation will be more in favour to be granted a loan than a start-up company.
  • Financial institutions would welcome the opportunity to finance a BEE initiative.
  • Accurate and up-to-date market information will be provided about the domestic and international olive oil markets and the opportunities they present.
  • A discussion on the critical success factors for farming with olive trees.
  • A detailed financial model will be provided that will include a summarized cash flow statement over a number of years.
  • Detail on the continued support you can expect from Olives South Africa.

A vast amount of information on olive farming can be found under Knowledge Base. It is the most comprehensive online database on olive farming for the benefit of South African farmers.

Prospective and existing olive farmers can also apply for further professional assistance on specific specialist topics such as:

  • Irrigation – layout and application.
  • Soil and leaf analysis to recommend corrective fertilization options and optimum orchard layout.
  • General consultation on the establishment of the grove which will include information on the layout of the grove and the actual planting of trees.
  • Orchard maintenance – which will include specific training and demonstrations on pruning, general orchard maintenance and soil and leaf analysis in support of a healthy tree and improved crops.
  • The optimum harvesting approach.

These specialist services could be provided on-site, at a fee that will be calculated as follows:

  • Transport from and back to Hartswater at AA tariffs.
  • A trip further than 250 km from Hartswater can result in an overnight stay. The cost of accommodation is for the client.
  • A typical on-site consultation session lasts 4 hours. The tariff will be based on time spent at a rate of R600.00 per hour.

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We offer comprehensive business plans to support applications for financing to financial institutions with accurate facts presented in a professionally accepted format.

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