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  • Belgian Chocolate Salami with Olives & Brandy (100gm)



    Taste Decadence TODAY

    Treat yourself…Choc-Salami is made from the finest quality Belgian chocolate (56% cocoa), almonds and home-baked ginger biscuits, amongst other naturally fresh ingredients.

    Choc-Salami is becoming increasingly popular as the desert of choice when you are looking for something unique and out of the ordinary.
    Chocolate Salami with a twist

    We added naturally dried olives to our Chocolate Salami for a truly different taste that tantalize your taste buds.

    Impress your guests with a sweet treat from out of this world!

    • Product must be kept in a fridge, before use. Even a open fridge is ok.

    • Product can keep up to 6 months if it’s kept cool

    Unit price excl. VAT: R23.48
    Unit price incl. VAT: R27.00
    Units per case: 6

  • Bell Pepper Mustard (250ml)


    Unit price excl VAT: R82.61
    Unit price incl VAT: R95.00
    Units per case: 6

  • Body Oil with Olive Oil & Squalane (100ml)



    The unique combintion of Olive Oil, Squalane, Amiox® and Vitamin E provide extraordinary antioxidant and anti-ageing properties.

    The Oil protects, nourishes, relieves discomfort and restores harmony to dry, sensitive skin. It can even be used on the face and neck area to prevent fine lines and wrinkles.

    This oil has a light “airy” feel and is easily absorbed to leave your skin feeling velvety soft and smooth.

    Unit price excl VAT: R82.61
    Unit price incl VAT: R95.00
    Units per case: 6


  • Chilli Splash Oil (500ml)

  • Concentrated Olive Oil (Mampoer) (250ml)



    The ancient olive with a traditional South African flavor. But beware this one is potent! Only for the MANNE, not little mice.

    It strikes like lighting, short-circuits your brain and sears through the system leaving a white hot trail.

    It kicks like a horse and makes you yelp like a puppy and roar like a lion.

    You’ll do the Leeuloop, Vastrap and Breakdance all at once.

    Just one sip and you’ll know- Olives can, and will never be the same again.
    Be Aware: SNVL and @#$%%^&

    The alcohol content in mampoer usually hovers around 55 percent although 64 percent is regarded by some as the ideal percentage for full flavor.

    Good Luck…

    Unit price excl. VAT: R104.35
    Unit price incl. VAT: R120.00
    Units per case: 12

  • Egyptian Dukkah (80gm)



    North Africa, a mysterious, vast, arid landscape that guards its ancient secrets jealously, has given birth to Egyptian Dukkah. This truly unique, aromatic taste sensation pleases the senses with its perfect blend of nuts, seeds and exotic spiceEgyptian Dukkah, a passage from North Africa, reveals one of the ancient secrets of this mysterious land to the food world.

    Enjoy a whole world of wonderful textures, flavors and aromas blended to perfection.

    • Dip fresh Italian, or crusty bread, broken into bite sizes, into Olive oil and then into Dukkah.
    • Sprinkle dukkah over any salad once dressed with Olive Oil.
    • Sprinkle dukkah onto a sandwich.
    • Sprinkle dukkah over any steamed, grilled or oven roasted vegetables once in a serving platter.
    • Sprinkle dukkah over grilled or roasted meats.
    • Sprinkle dukkah over scrambled, fried or poached eggs.
    • Add dukkah to cooked rice, couscous or polenta.
    • Add dukkah to a stuffing mix for chicken or turkey
    • Add dukkah to any dip such as tzatiki, hummos

    Unit price excl. VAT: R27.83
    Unit price incl. VAT: R32.00
    Units per case: 12

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Flavored Pecan Nuts (200g)


    Nakd Pecans (200g) are available with the following options:

    Nakd Pecans with Biltong Spices

    Nakd Pecans with Caramel

    Nakd Pecans with Cinnamon & Spices

    Nakd Pecans with Sesame Seeds


  • Green Jumbo Stuffed Olives (540g)



    Available stuffing options: Olives Stuffed with Garlic (540g) or with Peppers (540g).

  • Herb’s & Spice Kalamata Olives

  • Honey (125ml)



    Our Choice grade Honey is not blended, either by the bees collecting from numerous species of plants, or by us mixing several lots together – unlike honey production in other countries and regions.

    That means our Choice grade honey is uniform in color and clear if held up to a light. You might find honey as good – but not better.

    Unit price excl. VAT: R36.52
    Unit price incl. VAT: R42.00
    Units per case: 12

  • House of Garlic


    House of Garlic (250ml) available with the following options:

    House of Garlic with Lemon
    House of Garlic with Mild Spice
    House of Garlic with Chili
    House of Garlic with Pepper
    House of Garlic with Herb Marinade Salad Dressing