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  • Olive Spoon


    Silver Stainless Steel Leaf Olive Spoon

    Unit price excl. VAT: R21.74
    Unit price incl. VAT: R25.00
    Units per case: Each

  • OSA Gift Box

    This gift box contains the following products:

    1 x Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil ( 500ml ),
    1 x Jumbo Green Olives ( 260g ),
    1 x Kalamata Olives ( 260g ),
    2 x Devotion Olive Oil Soap

    Unit price excl VAT: R
    Unit price incl VAT: R

    Different gift pack available – Please ask for a price!

  • Devotion Olive Oil Soap Gift Pack



    A fresh blend of Essential Oils which revives the senses with a crisp, clean citrus aroma.


    A sensual, floral blend of Essential Oils, all known aphrodisiacs, to put you in just the right mood for that memorable occasion.


    A warm blend of Essential Oils, creating a perfect balance between strong, woody male scents and light floral notes

    Unit price excl VAT: R113.04

    Unit price incl VAT: R130.00
    Units per case: 1