INTRIGUE – Body care range made  with Extra Virgin Olive Oil

  • Unique New Formulation with 10 % Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Squalane
  • Paraben Free


INTRIGUE – Where Tradition and Science meet, Intrigue is born. Unveil your skin’s natural beauty. Share in one of nature’s age-old beauty secrets. With the help of latest scientific research and cutting edge patented technology, we formulated new combinations with olive oil to bring you this unique product.

Indulge your senses with these luxurious products that nourish, rehydrate and renew your skin’s natural glowing beauty. See your skin glowing, feeling silky, smooth, and soft. Smell  the intriguing fragrance of flowers that envelopes you like a soft velvet glove and…lingers like a light summer breeze.

Spoil yourself!

  • Squalane – the antioxidant of the future – it contains the most powerful and stable of the isoprenoids. It provides relief and protects, nourishes and restores harmony to dry, sensitive skin, leaving it smooth and supple.
  • Proteasyl TP® is a naturally derived anti-ageing peptide product. It stimulates collagen, elastin and chondroitin sulfate synthesis, to firm sagging skin, all the while preventing further ageing from occurring. It also provides long lasting moisturising for the skin.
  • Promois-WK® and a special Vitamin complex protect the skin and combat signs of ageing, whilst the Keratin promotes stronger nails and rehydrates the skin.

Devotion – Handmade Olive Oil Soap

Devotion is a unique product that originates amidst the tranquility of an ancient glacier and the peace bestowed upon the humble Olive Tree.

This is a unique, gentle, nourishing natural product, forged from the earth. All the elements of time and nature blended together create a lather that is milder, more moist and creamier without any chemically added ingredients. It is specially nourishing for sensitive, dry skins and skin conditions such as eczema.