Concentrated Olive Oil (Mampoer) (250ml)



The ancient olive with a traditional South African flavor. But beware this one is potent! Only for the MANNE, not little mice.

It strikes like lighting, short-circuits your brain and sears through the system leaving a white hot trail.

It kicks like a horse and makes you yelp like a puppy and roar like a lion.

You’ll do the Leeuloop, Vastrap and Breakdance all at once.

Just one sip and you’ll know- Olives can, and will never be the same again.
Be Aware: SNVL and @#$%%^&

The alcohol content in mampoer usually hovers around 55 percent although 64 percent is regarded by some as the ideal percentage for full flavor.

Good Luck…

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Careful- very careful !

For the very brave only !

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