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Balsamic Vinegar is made from boiled grapes that matures due to slow acidification; the result of natural fermentation and steady thickening through a very slow ageing process in casks made of different woods, without the addition of any aromatic substances.
A deep, dark, glossy brown manifests its density in an honest, flowing syrupy consistency. It has a characteristic perfume; complex and sharp, with an evident but pleasant and harmonic acidity. Of a traditional and inimitably well-balanced sweet and sour taste, it offers itself generously full and savoury, with velvety hints in accordance with its typical olfactory characteristics”.
The definition of traditional balsamic vinegar sums up centuries of history in the few seconds needed to read it. What distinguishes balsamic vinegar from other vinegars is not only the substance from which it is made, but the alchemy of time and the knowledge belonging to a tradition that boasts ancient origins. Indeed, the time span of a human life is often only a brief event in the long voyage completed by the must.
Vinters in Modena, Italy have been making balsamic vinegar for nearly 1000 years and the process is similar to that of making wine. Sweet, white Trebbiano grape pressings (called “must”) are simmered for hours and hours until they have become thick and caramelized.

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