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Olives as you’ve never tasted before
– and most likely never will again.!!!

The ancient olive with a traditional South African flavour. But beware, this one is potent! Only for the MANNE (MEN), not for little mice.

It strikes like lighting, short-circuits your brain and sears through the system leaving a white-hot trail.

It kicks like a horse and makes you yelp like a puppy and roar like a lion.
You’ll do the Leeuloop, Vastrap and Breakdance all at once.
Just one sip and you’ll know- Olives can, and will never be the same again.
Good Luck…

The Americans call it ‘moonshine’, to the warm-blooded Irish it is ‘Poteen’ and the Swiss call it ‘Kirsch’. In South Africa, it is ‘Witblits’ in the Cape and to Transvalers it is just ‘Mampoer’. Mampoer and the variety of names given to it are the names of strong, homemade distilled brandy made from fruit. Legend has it that the drink mampoer was named after Mampuru, a Bapedi traditional leader. Since this potent liquor%u2019s namesake murdered his brother, started a war, and was ultimately executed for treason, Mampoer should be treated with caution!

Witblits, which are produced predominantly in the Cape is made from grapes, while mampoer can be made from any other fruit (peaches, apricots, pears, plums, figs, marulas and Karee-berry).

The fruit is picked at optimum ripeness, mashed up and left to ferment for a couple of weeks. The type of fruit used and the quantity of sugar present in the fruit at the time of picking will influence the alcohol content of the mampoer/witblits. The fruit cannot be left to ferment for too long, or it will become vinegar. Once the fruit has fermented, it is double distilled in a copper pot still.

The alcohol content in mampoer usually hovers around 55 per cent although 64 per cent is regarded by some as the ideal percentage for full flavour. Flavours you will no doubt experience as they sear down your throat and into your gut. Some of the flavor%u2019s are sacrificed if the percentage goes over 64 and as the alcohol content increases the drink becomes more dangerous.

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