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Egyptian Dukkah

North Africa, a mysterious, vast, arid landscape that guards its ancient secrets jealously, has given birth to Egyptian Dukkah. This truly unique, aromatic taste sensation pleases the senses with its perfect blend of nuts, seeds and exotic spiceEgyptian Dukkah, a passage from North Africa, reveals one of the ancient secrets of this mysterious land to the food world.

Enjoy a whole world of wonderful textures, flavours and aromas blended to perfection.

A combination full of surprises and endless possibilities

  • Dip fresh Italian, or crusty bread, broken into bite sizes, into Olive oil and then into Dukkah.
  • Sprinkle dukkah over any salad once dressed with Olive Oil, onto a sandwich, and over any steamed, grilled or oven-roasted vegetables once on a serving platter.
  • Sprinkle dukkah over grilled or roasted meats, or scrambled fried or poached eggs.
  • Add dukkah to cooked rice, couscous or polenta, or a stuffing mix for chicken or turkey, or any dip such as tzatziki or hummus.

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