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Olive Jam

A very popular new addition. This is an exquisite jam without preservatives or thickening agents. This time-tested recipe ensures a high quality, flavourful, somewhat sweet jam.

Try something really – Unique & Different! – a definite must-try on crostini or any crusty bread.

Olive Spread

Check out our product that combines locally grown olives and ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ with additional ingredients for a delicate and exotic taste sensation.

The tapenade can be used as a filling or topping for roast meats and fish, as part of a platter with cheese or in pasta to give any meal a unique Mediterranean flavour.

– This is a product where locally grown olives and ‘Extra Virgin Olive Oil’ come together with extra ingredients for a delicate taste and ensures a product which creates an exotic sensation.

Olives South Africa’s Choice Grade Honey

Our Choice grade Honey is not blended, either by the bees collecting from numerous species of plants or by us mixing several lots – unlike honey production in other countries and regions.

That means our Choice grade honey is uniform in colour and clear if held up to a light. You might find honey as good – but not better.

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