The process of how Olive Oil is made

Be our guest on the exciting journey of olives from the lush green groves to the tables of vagabonds, kings and connoisseurs. We reveal the ancient secrets of the mysterious olive fruit.

The journey of olives may always start at the ancient, mythical Olive tree, but follow many different paths from there. At the crucial moment of harvest, the roads diverge- one leading to olive oil hardly fit for use in an honoured maidens’ lamp, the other to Liquid Gold destined for the tables of kings and connoisseurs.

We may honour the ancient, mythical birth of this age-old product, but the ancient roads of stone crushers and woven mat presses, clearly only lead to olive oil.

Where this traditional pathway meets the highway of modern technology, the road leads to Premium Quality, estate-grown, Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil, Truly Liquid Gold, to seduce and please your senses with a unique and exquisite taste sensation.

Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. So, next time you buy a bottle of Liquid Gold, you will know where it came from, and why you can, with a clear conscience, pay that little extra for a good quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.
(Preferably South African)

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